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Bourbon Justice is Brian Haara's first book, but it is based on his over 20 years of practicing law in Louisville, Kentucky. Brian's practice includes litigation of business (including bourbon trademark litigation), insurance, and real estate disputes, and after finding cases of significant bourbon historical value, Brian discovered that bourbon law tracks the growth of the United States, from conquering the wild frontier, to rugged individualism, to the entrepreneurial spirit, to establishing a nation of laws. American law developed along with the bourbon industry, both of which in turn track the evolution and growth of the United States. The interplay between bourbon, law, and history led Brian to blogging as Sipp'n Corn®, which quickly developed into media credentials, collaboration with retailers to select private barrels, and ultimately to Bourbon Justice: How Whiskey Law Shaped America. Follow Brian on Twitter at @SippnCorn and Instagram at @sippn_corn.

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