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I like bourbon.  I enjoy the broad range of flavors, the wide variety in proofs, the flexibility in cocktails, and the camaraderie that it fosters.  It’s America’s Native Spirit and its historical roots run deep while it courses through every aspect of our culture.  Bourbon Justice covers that history and contains tasting notes along the way, but there are far too many bourbons than could have been covered there.

We all have different preferences, of course, so after five years of reviewing bourbon, I stopped ranking them with numerical scores.  While my older reviews still contain scores, my recent reviews don’t. I still won’t hold back in saying what I liked and what I didn’t like, but scores can be pretty meaningless.  My preferences have changed over time too; for example in the past few years I’ve really embraced older bourbon more influenced by oak.  So I try to focus more on what my senses detect in each bourbon, opine a little about it, give some history and context where appropriate, and leave it at that.

I buy the vast majority of these bourbons myself, but I also receive samples from brand representatives, and I’ll make clear when that happens.  The brand managers know that they send me samples at their own risk, so some don’t bother sending any.

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