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I started the Sipp’n Corn® blog in 2013 after stumbling upon a bourbon trademark case from the late 1800’s.  I wanted to share my newfound discovery that dusty bourbon lawsuits tell the story of historic brands while also leading the development of American commercial law and telling the story of our nation.  I learned that bourbon and history go hand-in-hand and that I could rely solely on historic lawsuits from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to provide proven facts that satisfied rigorous evidentiary standards and were found by courts to be reliable, as opposed to notoriously unreliable oral history and marketing legends.

Then I discovered that bourbon is still at the leading edge of commercial law and governmental regulation today.  The posts under Bourbon Law Blog tell stories about early distillers, historic brands, and present-day bourbon-fueled fights.  Events Blog follows events like the Kentucky Distillers’ Association’s Kentucky Bourbon Affair™ and new distillery festivities.  Finally, Distillery Trips Blog is like a back-stage pass to the distilleries.

Enjoy while you sip your corn.

Bourbon Law Blog

Events Blog

Distillery Trips Blog

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