Sipp’n Corn Tasting Notes: Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Every year I look forward to what Steve and Paul Beam put together for their Yellowstone Limited Edition.  I think that others must be catching on, because I used to be able to buy it, and now all I have is this sample bottle.  I’m eager to see what I almost missed out on.

Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Tasting Notes

Bourbon:        Yellowstone 2019 Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery:       Undisclosed
Age:                9 years
ABV:              50.5% (101 proof)
Cost:               $99.99

The brown side of amber.

Classic caramel, dark red fruit and candy store sugar, white chocolate, and oak.

Caramel, cherry, and milk chocolate balanced by oak and cinnamon.

Long with building warmth and satisfying nuttiness.  After the swell it leaves you with a lingering warm, sweet fade.  This is an outstanding finish.

Bottom Line
Another year and another homerun for Yellowstone.  In fact, this Yellowstone might be the best yet.  The balance is remarkable but it’s really the finish where this bourbon shines; with each sip I contemplated the swells and fades.  Overall, its sweetness and proof give it approachability for new bourbon drinkers and its elegance and finish will impress the most experienced enthusiasts.

Wherever you are on your personal bourbon journey, I highly recommend the 2019 Yellowstone Limited Edition.

Disclaimer: The brand managers kindly sent me a sample
for this review, without any strings attached.
Thank you.

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