Sipp’n Corn Tasting Notes: Heaven Hill Batches C920 of Elijah Craig 12-Year Barrel Proof and Larceny Barrel Proof.

Bourbon Heritage Month has now passed, fall is in full swing in Kentucky, and after all that has happened in 2020, it’s fitting to start the last quarter of the year with some barrel proof power, especially with the last batches of 2020 of Elijah Craig 12-year Barrel Proof and Larceny Barrel Proof.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C920 Tasting Notes
Bourbon:        Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
|Distillery:       Heaven Hill
Age:                12 years
ABV:              66.4% (132.8 proof)
Cost:               $60.00

Dark amber brown.

Butterscotch, brown sugar, and caramel for sweetness, oak power that is practically a trademark of Elijah Craig, and some faint cocoa and cherry.

Brown sugar, again, and honey, along with black pepper and great oak, but hot to start.  Let it rest and cocoa develops with butterscotch and peanut.

Long, warm, drying finish.

Larceny Barrel Proof C920 Tasting Notes
Bourbon:        Larceny Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Distillery:       Heaven Hill
Age:                NAS, but 6-8 years
ABV:              61.62% (122.4 proof)
Cost:               $49.99

Brown without much amber.

This really took until my third pour to open up, but it nailed butterscotch, brown sugar, and cinnamon apples.

Whew that’s hot, even when I poured it over an ice sphere.  Let this one air out a little, and you’ll find a classic caramel wheater.

Led by a punch from the heat, and the warmth lingers with caramel sweetness.

Bottom Line

So, we’re finally at the end of 2020, at least as it relates to Heaven Hill barrel proof releases.  Elijah Craig Barrel Proof was full of home runs in 2020 with B520 leading the way in my book, but all three prove that Elijah Craig is the top barrel proof brand out there.

And another silver lining for 2020 is that it was the inaugural year for Larceny Barrel Proof, which I’m still betting will ultimately position Larceny as the leading wheated bourbon.  Hopefully we’ll get some more age in Larceny Barrel Proof (again, can you imagine a barrel proof 12-year Larceny to go along with Elijah Craig?!?), but until then, you still need to try these.

Disclaimer: The brand managers kindly
sent me samples for this review,
without any strings attached. 
Thank you.

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