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The Bourbon Crusaders and Four Roses Barrel Through Hunger.

A year after the resounding success of #Willett2BCured—a charity event sponsored by The Bourbon Crusaders and Willett Distillery—The Bourbon Crusaders crushed it again.  For the fourth year of their annual event, The Bourbon Crusaders partnered with Four Roses to benefit two Kentucky food banks,…

The Bourbon Crusaders and Willett Set a New Bar for Fundraising.

BREAKING NEWS:  The Bourbon Crusaders proved last Saturday something that true bourbon enthusiasts have known all along—the generosity of the bourbon community is limitless.  It’s not just about the bourbon. In the third year of its annual charity event, The Bourbon Crusaders named Willett…

Sipp’n Corn Review – Charbay Hop Flavored Whiskey (Bourbon Crusaders Private Single Barrel)

I’m veering away from Bourbon again for something out of the ordinary – a Charbay whiskey distilled from multiple craft beers.  Because inclusion of hops in the beer make this whiskey more than “an alcoholic distillate from a fermented mash of grain,” 27 C.F.R….