With the holidays upon us, avoid the awkwardness of lame host gifts and never knowing what to get for bosses, co-workers, and other hard-to-shop-for friends and family.  Brian’s Book and a Bottle™ has the right suggestion for everyone on your list:

For your business partner:  Bourbon Justice and Four Roses Small Batch Select.  Look for “Select” and 104 proof because Four Roses also has a standard Small Batch.  Small Batch Select is hands-down the best new release of 2019.  You’re clearly the brains of the business (especially if you can find this with limited distribution).IMG_0312For your impossible family member:  Bourbon Justice and Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon.  No other bourbon matches the consistency and value of Elijah Craig Small Batch.  Plus, you’ll be able to find it at any store even at the last minute on your way to the family get-together.  Grab a Christmas wine bag from last year and voilà, you’ll have the best gift at the party.IMG_0309For a host/hostess:  Bourbon Justice and Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon.  The sheer heft of this bottle makes it memorable, the 115 proof shows that you appreciate the host, and those in the know understand that this is a connoisseur’s bourbon.  Plus, these holiday parties always need conversation starters, and the combination of Prohibition and Bourbon Justice will provide a welcome diversion from talking about the weather and a new acquaintance’s kid’s art projects.  You’ll be the hit of the party.IMG_0307For your boss or other authority figure:  Bourbon Justice and Wilderness Trail.  You need something exclusive but not gaudy and something modern but still founded in tradition—and that’s a tall order.  You’ll earn props if you can pull this off.  Fortunately, Wilderness Trail is hitting full stride.  A bottle of Wilderness Trail sweet mash bourbon or rye whiskey will show that you are a crucial part of the team, and you’ll get bonus points if you find a version in the classy wooden box set.IMG_0313Please enjoy the Holidays responsibly!

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