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Sipp’n Corn Book Review – Lawyerly Libations

I found a new book to add your personal collection or holiday gift list—Lawyerly Libations, Concoctions for the Counselor, Apéritifs for the Attorney, Elixirs for the Esquire, and Additional Alcoholic Anecdotes: A Cocktail Compilation for the Burgeoning Barrister’s Bar, by Michael J. McCormick. While… Continue Reading “Sipp’n Corn Book Review – Lawyerly Libations”

Sipp’n Corn Review – Nose Your Bourbon Part II; A New Mini Sample Kit

Need a gift? I do enough guided tastings to know that sometimes you need a nudge—a reminder of an aroma memory—to help articulate what you’re experiencing during a bourbon tasting.  I just helped a friend with a Bottled-in-Bond tasting of Heaven Hill 6-year (the… Continue Reading “Sipp’n Corn Review – Nose Your Bourbon Part II; A New Mini Sample Kit”


You can still make 2020 a little brighter with the right bottle of Kentucky Straight Bourbon or Rye Whiskey paired with Bourbon Justice.  We won’t be having the same Holiday events, but this year your gifts will be all the more appreciated, and they’re probably all the… Continue Reading “2020 BRIAN’S BOOK AND A BOTTLE ™”

Nose Your Bourbon – Enhancing the Bourbon Experience.

One of the great aspects of so many people getting into bourbon is the creativity that it fosters.  It started with barrel and bottle artwork, accessories, and furniture, but those have their limits.  Now it’s moving into a phase of true appreciation of the… Continue Reading “Nose Your Bourbon – Enhancing the Bourbon Experience.”


With the holidays upon us, avoid the awkwardness of lame host gifts and never knowing what to get for bosses, co-workers, and other hard-to-shop-for friends and family.  Brian’s Book and a Bottle™ has the right suggestion for everyone on your list: For your business… Continue Reading “2019 BRIAN’S BOOK AND A BOTTLE ™”