Traveling Spirits – Because Bourbon is Best When Shared with Friends and Family.

I tend to bring bourbon with me to poker night, when stopping by a friend’s house, Friday night driveway drinking during covid, and on trips up to Michigan.  Let’s just say that it’s sort of my thing.  But it’s always a tough decision to find the right bottle for the occasion and I often wish that I could bring a few different bourbons to try.

Traveling Spirits just solved my dilemma.

The Traveling Spirits “Sampler Box” includes six two-ounce Boston round bottles with attractive caps and numbered tops, two Glencairn glasses, and a two-inch stainless steel funnel, all housed in an impressive handmade Baltic Birchwood box with a magnetized clear acrylic top.  Available for $149.00 online at, the Traveling Spirits Sampler Box is my new go-to traveling companion for trips with bourbon.

After a long covid hiatus, next week I’m meeting with a client and good friend to catch up over some bourbon.  I’ve poured and packed a 1948 Old Taylor Bottled in Bond, a 10-year old Elijah Craig private barrel aged in Deatsville, and a nearly 11-year old Four Roses Brent Elliott gift shop OESV weighing in at almost 60% ABV, which we’ll save for last.  I’m looking forward to two-ounce pours for each of us, and time to catch up with a dear friend after six months.

This is precisely the sort of comradery that inspired the Traveling Spirits Sampler Box:  a father and his four sons, a fishing trip, and bonding over blind samples of bourbon.  I have such fond memories of spending time with my dad on distillery trips and sipping bourbon on his deck, and the Sampler Box would have been perfect for traveling back and forth.

I highly recommend the Sampler Box, although I’m thinking about the Traveling Spirits 12-Pack (12 bottles in the same type of Baltic Birchwood box, but no Glencairn glasses) as we start to approach the gifting season. Check out the website here:, and cheers to friends and family.

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