You can make 2022 brighter with the right bottle of Bourbon or Rye Whiskey paired with Bourbon Justice.  Think of these bottles for gifts as Holiday parties ramp up, for the whiskey enthusiast on your list, or just for treating yourself.  Brian’s Book and a Bottle™ has the right suggestion for everyone on your list:

For your business partner:  Bourbon Justice and Pursuit United because partners Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil are showing everyone how to do it right.  You’ll show yourself to be the creative brain of the operation.

For your impossible family member:  Bourbon Justice and Russell’s Reserve by Wild Turkey.  Lord knows that we need to get back to solid roots and there’s hardly anything as solid as Jimmy Russell, Mater Distiller at Wild Turkey since 1954.  Jimmy has been the heart and soul of Wild Turkey and he can tell you all about family. 

For a host/hostess:  Bourbon Justice and Wilderness Trail.  Shane and Pat’s authenticity is evident in every bottle of Wilderness Trail, and your host will appreciate the low barrel entry proof sweet mash far more than that bottle of white wine that keeps getting regifted.  Step up with the most memorable gift of the evening.

For your boss or other authority figure:  Bourbon Justice and Old Elk.  There may not be a distillery with a more diverse offering than Old Elk, with Bourbon, Rye, wheat whiskey, wheated Bourbon, barrel finished Bourbon, and more, giving you the opportunity to nail the perfect gift to showcase your wisdom.  That sensibility and personalization will show that you are a crucial part of the team.

Where to find Bourbon Justice:
Best deal: Bourbon Justice is on a 50% off sale through Potomac until Dec. 31 with promotion code 6HLW22 — use this link: Potomac.

Fastest Shipping:  Amazon is tough to beat — you know the drill: Amazon.

Signed by me:  Visit A Taste of Kentucky in person or online for a signed book or tell them that you’d liked it personally inscribed and I’ll make it happen.  They ship anywhere.

Please enjoy the Holidays responsibly!

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