Sipp’n Corn Review – Nose Your Bourbon Part II; A New Mini Sample Kit

Need a gift?

I do enough guided tastings to know that sometimes you need a nudge—a reminder of an aroma memory—to help articulate what you’re experiencing during a bourbon tasting.  I just helped a friend with a Bottled-in-Bond tasting of Heaven Hill 6-year (the discontinued one), E. H. Taylor Small Batch, and Henry McKenna 10-year.  

My friend warned me that while he knew what he liked, he could never really find the words to describe what he was tasting.  Because I discovered the Nose Your Bourbon Bourbon Nosing Kit in 2020 (see my review here: Sipp’n Corn Review), I suggested that my friend give everyone the new miniaturized Bourbon Sample Kit. 

We started the guided tasting with the sweet aromas of brown sugar and caramel, moved onto the dark fruit note of cherry, shifted to corn grain, and then finished with black pepper and oak.  This primed everyone’s senses and we jumped into the first bourbon with excitement to share impressions that, frankly, I had never seen in a previous guided tasting.

Check out the Sample Kit ($29.00 and free shipping) and never get left behind in a tasting.

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