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Kentucky Bourbon Affair – A True Bourbon Fantasy Camp.

As the 2017 Kentucky Bourbon Affair (June 6-11) draws near, I was reminiscing with friends about last year’s event, where I started by going in-depth at Four Roses, tried pre-prohibition T.W. Samuels the following evening, and wrapped up the next day by shooting skeet… Continue Reading “Kentucky Bourbon Affair – A True Bourbon Fantasy Camp.”

Kentucky Bourbon Affair 2015 – Blending (and more) at Four Roses.

When I saw the chance to get behind the scenes at Four Roses and try my hand at blending as part of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association Bourbon Affair, I knew that I had to be there. My previous posts have probably made it clear… Continue Reading “Kentucky Bourbon Affair 2015 – Blending (and more) at Four Roses.”

Review: Kid-Focused Tour at Buffalo Trace.

In the first tour of its kind, over Mother’s Day weekend Buffalo Trace taught kids the basic history and science behind Kentucky Bourbon, while barely mentioning – let alone promoting or glamorizing – alcohol.  That’s a tough task for a distillery, and some people… Continue Reading “Review: Kid-Focused Tour at Buffalo Trace.”

Life and Passion Return to the Old Taylor Distillery.

I’ve heard stories and seen pictures from people who have snuck onto the Old Taylor grounds near Millville, Kentucky, on Glenn’s Creek between Versailles and Frankfort, but I had never been there myself before this past weekend.  Apparently I was waiting for the right… Continue Reading “Life and Passion Return to the Old Taylor Distillery.”

Sipp’n Corn Bourbon Review – Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon and its parent company, Diageo, get a fair amount of grief from some Bourbon enthusiasts for being a non-distiller producer (“NDP”) of Bourbon without most consumers realizing that indisputable fact.  But there’s no denying that Bulleit Bourbon has nevertheless taken hold, which… Continue Reading “Sipp’n Corn Bourbon Review – Bulleit Bourbon”