Whiskey From Home!

Whiskey From Home—a free worldwide virtual event with seminars, tastings, food pairings, and cocktails—is this coming Saturday, May 2, starting at 12 noon eastern. Join us for 5 ½ hours of livestreamed whiskey-soaked entertainment on all of your favorite platforms! I’ll be presenting on “E.H. Taylor Despised George T. Stagg (And Other Stories of Bourbon Justice).” Find out everything here: Whiskey From Home

Register on Eventbright and then get your code to receive a 50% discount on Bourbon Justice direct from Potomac. Use this link: Bourbon Justice

Whiskey From Home includes bourbon history, the best bourbons to buy right now, craft whiskey exploration, how to host a kick-ass tasting, and blind flights. Viewers can purchase bourbon, food, and cocktail ingredients from their local stores to follow along with cocktail breaks, a virtual food pairing with Peggy Noe Stevens, and a virtual bourbon tasting with Fred Minnick. With an integrated live chat, participants can interact with each other and with the presenters—giving everyone social distancing at home the chance to attend a CDC-approved whiskey conference.

I hope to see you there!

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