Nose Your Bourbon – Enhancing the Bourbon Experience.

One of the great aspects of so many people getting into bourbon is the creativity that it fosters.  It started with barrel and bottle artwork, accessories, and furniture, but those have their limits.  Now it’s moving into a phase of true appreciation of the bourbon experience, like with the bourbon aroma kit available from Nose Your Bourbon.

There are always at least a few people in every bourbon tasting that I’ve led who half-ashamedly say upfront that they’re “not good at identifying aromas” or “not good at putting it into words.”  I try to encourage people to harken back to their aroma memories—like their grandmother’s kitchen, their favorite candy, walking into a leather shop, or a flowering field in the summer.  These memories are in our bourbon.

But I’ve often wished that I had something more tangible to help identify the most common aromas and to nudge us along.  That’s where Nose Your Bourbon comes in by developing the perfect kit to help guide and train your sensory experience.  Using all-natural ingredients for authentic aromas, the Nose Your Bourbon case includes 18 screw-top containers providing with the most common aromas found in bourbon:  wood, grain, sweetness, spice, fruit, and floral.

I’ve been using the Nose Your Bourbon kit while reviewing samples and writing tasting notes.  It’s helped me realize that nosing is the most under-appreciated part of the bourbon experience and appreciate what science has proven—that over 80% of what we taste comes from what we smell.

Check out Nose Your Bourbon here: Nose Your Bourbon and never get left behind in a tasting.

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