You can still make 2020 a little brighter with the right bottle of Kentucky Straight Bourbon or Rye Whiskey paired with Bourbon Justice.  We won’t be having the same Holiday events, but this year your gifts will be all the more appreciated, and they’re probably all the more necessary.  Brian’s Book and a Bottle™ has the right suggestion for everyone on your list:

For your business partner:  Bourbon Justice and Four Roses Small Batch Select.  This one went over so well last year, it’s my first-ever repeat.  Look for “Select” and 104 proof because Four Roses also has a standard Small Batch.  You’ll prove yourself again to be the brains of the business.

For your impossible family member:  Bourbon Justice and Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  If ever the country needed to get back to solid roots, it’s now, and there’s hardly anything as solid as Jimmy Russell, Mater Distiller at Wild Turkey since 1954.  Jimmy has been the heart and soul of Wild Turkey and he can tell you all about family. 

For a host/hostess:  Bourbon Justice and Pikesville Straight Rye Whiskey.  Just because Holiday parties are not happening this year, don’t let that dampen your spirits.  People who host a party every year need you to stop by for a socially-distanced “hello.”  Your visit will be all the more memorable with Pikesville’s 110 proof and beautiful presentation.  Sipping Pikesville while getting to know James Crow, James Pepper, and Col. E.H. Taylor, Jr. is the perfect substitute for a cancelled party. 

For your boss or other authority figure:  Bourbon Justice and Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof.  These gifts are all about balance, and in this hunt, allowing Master Distiller Chris Morris to take the lead showcases your wisdom.  Bourbon was meant to be barrel proof and this limited release Woodford Reserve is exclusive without being gaudy.  That sensibility balanced with vitality will show that you are a crucial part of the team.

Where to find Bourbon Justice:

Best deal: Bourbon Justice is on a 50% off sale through Potomac until Dec. 31 with promotion code 6HLW20 — Potomac

Fastest Shipping:  Amazon is tough to beat — Amazon

VIP/Limited Edition:  Go to my website for a personally-inscribed book — Bourbon Justice

Please enjoy the Holidays responsibly!

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