Sipp’n Corn Tasting Notes: Pursuit United

Who comes top of mind in todays’ crowded market of merchant bottlers?  Could it be that some of my friends who run the greatest bourbon podcast around have proven their mettle as blenders too?  I’m afraid that the answer is a resounding yes.

Pursuit United Tasting Notes

Bourbon:Pursuit United Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Distilleries:Blend of three straight bourbons from
Kentucky (Bardstown Bourbon Company);
New York (wheated, from Finger Lakes Distilling); and
Tennessee (undisclosed, but not in Tullahoma)
Age:4-5 years
ABV:54% ABV (108 proof)

Old barrel rings.  Darker than expected for the age.

In addition to the expected caramel and vanilla, there’s a rich brown sugary, caramelized, sweetness.  It’s balanced with nuttiness, pine, rye spice, maple, and graham cracker.

The flavors absolutely shine with light summer fruit, a touch of citrus zest, more caramel and brown sugar, all balanced with the same pine and rye spice from the aromas.  It’s creamy too, so the sweetness is like a glazed cinnamon roll.  I keep looking for the wheated influence, and not really finding it, but that’s OK because I’m enjoying it so much.

Medium but it lingers in a warming long fade. 

Bottom Line
I always include a disclaimer when brand managers send me a sample, and that’s true here too.  Rarely, however, does a sample entice me to immediately go buy a bottle.  But that’s exactly what happened here.  And I love that blending is embraced in a way that bourbon brands have tended to shy away from.  This impressive bourbon is priced right and finally calls the out boring bourbon conventions.  We need more of this sort of innovation. I highly recommend that you visit Seelbach’s now, before it’s too late.

Disclaimer: The brand managers kindly
sent me a sample for this review,
without any strings attached. 
Thank you.

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