Sipp’n Corn Tasting Notes – Seelbach’s Private Reserve Batch No. 1

I was lucky enough to get the inaugural release of Seelbach’s Private Reserve.  We all know Seelbach’s as the best resource for craft spirits, and now they’ve joined the ranks of craft blenders with creative finishing in toasted French Oak barrels and ex-bourbon maple syrup barrels—literally French toast and maple syrup!

Seelbach’s Private Reserve Tasting Notes

Whiskey:Seelbach’s Private Reserve Batch No. 1, a blend of Straight Bourbons finished in new medium-toast French Oak barrels and Ex-Bourbon Maple Syrup barrels.
Components:66% of two-year, six-month old bourbon and 34% ten-year, two-month bourbon, both distilled in Indiana.
Mashbill:75% corn; 21% rye; 4% malted barley
ABV:57.5% ABV (115 proof)

Copper penny.

Beautiful aromas of ripe peaches with a slight floral and cedar background, but more dominated by toffee and maple for a thoroughly sweet nose, with just a hint of black pepper.

Baking spice and dry dark fruit are evident at first but it shifts to the flavors predicted by the nose with caramel, maple, honey, orange zest all balanced with oak and black pepper again.  There really is a feel of maple syrup, maybe with the nuttiness of some chicory coffee with cream, all with a creamy mouthfeel.

Shifts to a hint of tobacco for a decadent long finish with rich dark cherries.

Bottom Line

Alright, this was released last fall and all 1,040 bottles sold out long ago, but the important takeaway is to jump early on future batches because Blake at Seelbach’s put in the research and the effort to get the right base bourbon, the best finishing barrels, and the discipline to know when it’s ready.  This is an outstanding first release.  Check out

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